Corner Weighting

Corner weighting, sometimes referred to as “corner balancing,” “weight jacking,” or “scaling,” involves adjusting the spring perches of a car to get a balanced diagonal weight on the tyres. Ideally the car should have 50% of its weight on the Left Front and Right Rear tires, and 50% on the Right Front and Left Rear. If your car’s diagonal corner weights are not equal then its handling will be unbalanced–it will turn better in one direction than in the other (all other things being equal).
Rowse Motors are fully equipped with digital scales and the expertise to get your car balanced and handling to suit your needs.

Rowse Motors have been corner weighting and fine tuning and balancing  race car suspension  for over 30 years in category’s where limited modifications are limited. Corner weighting your car, could give you the edge  you need.


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