Latest in Chassis Dyno technology, just arrived..

With the recent purchase of a state of the art Dyno Dynamics Chassis Dyno, Rowse Motors is your one stop shop for all you motoring needs.

Whether you are tuning your daily driver or your race car, dyno tuning will give you the edge you need.

Benefits of chassis dyno:

Improved fuel economy and mileage:

Fuel efficiency is high on the priority list for vehicle owners especially in urban areas. When driving, older engines, damaged flywheels and other mechanical components of the vehicle can create a less efficient operation. Tuning the vehicle helps to identify issues present within it and guide you towards making the required changes for better fuel economy. Your vehicle will drive better and operate at a higher capacity for efficiency.Improved


Daily Performance:  







Tuning will unlock the complete abilities of the vehicle’s engine, within legal restrictions. You can have the vehicle adjusted to suit your preferred driving style, speeds, and any other particulars that may suit you or your location.In turn your vehicle will ultimately be a better match to your transportation and driving needs. Tuning can involve anything from the steering, engine, transmission, or even audio. The internal components of your vehicle can be rearranged, modified, or remade to suit your preferences. Tuning your vehicle will make it more comfortable, powerful, efficient and versatile.


Improved Engine Operation  








Modifying the engine control unit allows you to upgrade and enhance the stock manufacturer standards for your vehicle. Tuning establishes what additions to your engine are possible. Larger cylinders, valve timing for burning, poppet valves, and other engine modifications have the ability to push your engine to its maximum potential. Extensive modifications of the engine can be used in vehicles built for high-speed competitions and racing. The upgrades and enhancements will increase the value of your vehicle and probably even its appearance making it more stylish and fashionable. One of the key benefits of tuning your vehicle is to assess the engine power.











We are able to use the carefully calibrated equipment to measure the air/fuel ratio at any rev range enabling the engine to be tuned to be neither too lean (damaging) nor too rich (un-economic and power draining).We are also able to diagnose symptoms such as power drops, poor operation, flat spots, incorrect EFI settings and identify where peak power and torque is produced. The stability of the rolling road also allows the diagnosis of shakes, rattles and other disturbances without having to concentrate on surrounding traffic, thus making it a safer environment for everyone involved.


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